Pinnacle Room

The 116 Bistro

The perfect place to get together

A place specifically created to host events. The simple yet modern space is excellent for celebrations, education and training and Business/corporate Venues. We have an event planner to help you organize the venue to ensure a successful experience. All table and chair setup will be taken care of. All You have to do is show up and enjoy. The final touches to a successful venue is the catering. We have on site Catering Facilities and can be customized to your requests. Available amenities include Catering, Hi Tech A/V, Private Wi-Fi, and on-site Parking. If you don’t require a Private room or if the venue is small

116 Pinnacle St, Belleville, ON K8N 3A4
Phone: (613) 689-2224

It must be reserved in advance, via this link or in person at The 116 Bistro, in order to secure your date and time.
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